Like many people, I have been feeling a bit lost and bewildered this past couple of weeks.

I’ve been working on processing a lot of emotions in relation to a lot of things.

There has been a lot swirling around in my head, I last felt this way in mid-March, just before the global lockdown.

Back then I prayed for guidance – how can I be of service? What is my next step?

This past week I have found myself doing the same again.

Everything felt confusing, I started to write posts then I deleted them. I couldn’t articulate my thoughts or feelings, so I continued to meditate and go within for answers.

Last week I was supposed to start the promotion of my upcoming Global Vision Board Day – but honestly, my heart just wasn’t in it. I was really excited for my upcoming launch, but I simply wasn’t feeling it.

It started a couple of weeks ago when lockdown measures started to relax and there was increased talk of returning to (the new) normal.

Division was happening before my very eyes.

I saw it on my Facebook feed, on one of MY posts – a verbal war broke out between a group of my Facebook friends. What was causing this bitter division?

A difference in opinion on the observation of the lockdown laws at the beach.

Good God, if a silly Facebook post could cause such division between my friends, I knew there was way worse to come.

Division over whether or not lockdown measures should be lifted?

Division over whether or not McDonalds should reopen.

Division over whether or not to send your child back to school.

Division on whether or not to vaccinate against Covid-19 as and when it becomes available.

Division between friends and families.

Then on May 25th, George Floyd a black man was murdered by a white police officer in Minneapolis. It was captured on film for the world to witness in absolute horror.

The world was changed forever.

A race war broke out, on a scale that I never thought I would see.

The rage that has ensued has been deeply supressed for a long time.

When things are supressed for long enough – they erupt and that eruption cannot be contained.

The world is in crisis and we need to heal.

The rage. The worry. The anxiety. The fear.

The lockdown days seem like a distant beautiful dream in comparison to what we are going through right now. People are going back to work when they don’t want to, parents are in fear of sending their children back to school and even the thought of a return to normal life, of returning to the cinema, eating at a restaurant and taking a holiday abroad is creating high levels of anxiety across all walks of life.

People aren’t sleeping properly.

Now there is a race division is reaching all the corners of the globe. Not just a division between black and white people but even between white people.

The divide seems wider than ever

But there are also huge divisions in society on gender equality, sexual orientation and religion. There is injustice and inequality everywhere. Young and old, rich and poor, the educated and the uneducated, class, the country you live in, your political bias, what you choose to eat, the shape of your body, your relationship status.

I could go on, I am just scratching the surface here.

A couple of days ago in my morning meditation, whilst asking those same questions I asked back in March, “how can I be of service?” “what is my next step?”

I had a moment of clarity.

I had a vision…

A Big Vision for our planet and humanity as a whole. I had a vision for the healing of all divisions, for peace, for joy and love to prevail.

Is this really so far-fetched? What if we could all unite in this vision?

Want a world filled with peace? – it begins with YOU

Want a world filled with love? – it begins with YOU

Want a world filled with joy? – it begins with YOU

It’s about healing on a very deep level. Through all the layers of society.

This is not about being right. This is about being kind.

I don’t have any answers, I wish I did, I am only responding in the way I know how and maybe some won’t like what I have to say, because they feel that their opinion is the right one.

I don’t call my business Tapping Into Your Big Vision for no good reason – I don’t believe in small visions, most of us don’t dream anywhere near big enough.

I encourage my clients to go big with their vision, really big.

However, it is time for us all to collectively dream up a bigger vision for humanity.

Gandhi said the famous words, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

The collective consciousness of fear

It is easy to get swept up in the collective consciousness of fear, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I believe we can do this.

The seed of my Big Vision came to me earlier this week. I know this sounds naïve but I feel the need to share my thoughts.

There is too much division and hatred right now.

I want no part in that, I want to be a part of the healing process.

Normally at the beginning of each month I create a new tapping video, however this month I was called to create a different video to accompany this post.

How to stay in alignment during troubled times

With everything that is happening in the world at the moment, I know that there are a myriad of emotions you may be feeling at the moment, so I have created a special tapping video to bring you inner peace during troubled times – remember peace in the outer world begins with peace in the inner world.

Tapping for Peace during Troubled Times – click here to tap along with me.

When we take control of our inner world, or outer world will transform. If enough of us do this, we will shift the collective consciousness from fear and division to peace and unity.

Isn’t that a vision worth striving for?

It begins with you.

I am sending you all infinite peace.

**Global vision board on 21st June has been postponed until a later date – I will be doing something a bit different on that day, more details to follow.


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