Tapping Into

Your Big Vision

Clarity Worksheet

Congratulations on taking your first step!

Getting clear on your Big Vision is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

In order to attract the items and experiences we want into our lives, we need to get really specific. We need to connect to our heart’s desires and how they make us feel.

With this clarity, we are able to focus on our vision boards.


This simple exercise will help you rank your desires in priority.

(1 being most important – 10 being least important)

1. Health, Body and Mind
2. Finances
3. Relationships
4. Home
5. Work
6. Creative Expression
7. Travel/ Adventure
8. Possessions
9. Spiritual
10. A specific goal or outcome (e.g. exam success, a milestone birthday party/ family event)

Once you have uncovered your top three, describe the change you most desire in this category.


Health, Body and Mind could be physical or mental well-being, weight loss/ gain, beauty, exercise, sport, recovery from illness.

Home could be buying or selling a property, relocating, renovating or having a holiday home abroad.

Creative expression could be taking up dance or acting classes, beginning that book or picking up a paintbrush again.

Pick your top desire and go deep – what does this new vision look like for you?

Write a few sentences on how you see these three areas of your life being transformed.

If you still feel a little unsure, close your eyes, allow your body to fully relax and silently ask yourself – “What do I truly desire right now?”

Let this become a mantra, ask yourself over and over again,
“What do I truly desire right now?”

Spend 5-10 minutes doing this (or longer if you are an experienced meditator). When you open your eyes, scan your list again to see what new thoughts have come to mind.

If, after these exercises, you are still unclear on what to add to your board, ask yourself honestly “what is the one area of your life causing you the most pain right now?”

This should provide the answer to what immediate changes you need to make to your life.


What would your life look like if you could totally transform your story?

I am encouraging you to embrace big, crazy, scary goals and dreams.

Do not put any limits on what came up for you. Avoid using negative justification as reasons why you can not have this. Your brain tries to keep you safe by using a classic list of subconscious doubts:

I'm too young/old

I don't have the time/money

Who do I think I am? (Not worthy, deserving or "good enough")

I can't see how this could possibly happen

The key thing is that these are goals, wishes and desires that come from your heart.


What does this vision look like in detail?

Write your Big Vision out in full, including how it makes you feel, and how it helps you and the world. Handwriting is an incredibly important exercise. It helps to bring the idea from inside your mind out into the world as something tangible.

This will form the basis of your next steps.


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“This is my intention and I am open to receiving this or something better”

Anything else?

If you don’t get a clear “aha” straight away, don’t despair. Re-visit this exercise in a couple of days (the new moon time is always a great time for doing this exercise)
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2021 – here we come!

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Tapping Into Your Big Vision

Tapping Into Your Big Vision

Unless you know what you want, the Universe cannot give it to you.

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