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I first discovered Emotional Freedom technique over a decade ago and I was regularly using it for the relief of seasonal allergies and monthly migraines I was experiencing. Because I was experienced such miraculous results with it, I then trained as an EFT practitioner in 2012 and began using it alongside Reiki and Reflexology in my therapy practice.

As my practice grew, I found I was getting better results for my clients with EFT than I was with Reflexology and Reiki, particularly when dealing with emotional issues.

My love for EFT grew when I began using it as a tool to help my clients overcome limiting beliefs, increase confidence and motivation. When I discovered its effectiveness with vision boards and the Law of Attraction, I found a way to work with my clients which bought them life-changing results and a totally new way of working for me.

Tapping Into Your Big Vision was born.

What is EFT?

EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture, except we use our fingertips instead of needles to stimulate acupressure points. It is not a far-fetched claim to state that EFT is good for EVERYTHING. From anxiety and PTSD, addictions and phobias, helping teenagers with exam stress and sports performance are just some of the areas that EFT can help with.

I love to use EFT with my clients to help with money mindset, motivation and clearing the limiting beliefs that are preventing them from achieving their goals and dreams.

Here are three examples of how I use tapping to help my clients.

Dream it!

Tapping Into Your Big Vision – It is safe to have a bigger vision

When we make the decision to change our lives, the fear of the unknown often stops us from making lasting change. This can lead to unwitting self-sabotage because our in-built safety mechanism keeps us stuck in our familiar patterns.

In this round of tapping – which is one of the eight preparation videos from my online workshop – Tapping Into Your Big Vision, I help to reassure you that it is “Safe to have a bigger vision”. As you tap along with me in this soothing video – you are sending calming signals to your brain. When we feel safe our, confidence rises and the vision becomes clearer.

To find out more about Tapping Into Your Big vision.

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Tap it!

Money mindset tapping

When I discovered that I could use EFT to rewire my brain for abundance and success – this quickly became my favourite way to use tapping.

Our beliefs are just thoughts that we keep thinking, and it is possible to rewire your brain with positive new beliefs with daily tapping. In this round of tapping, you are rewiring your brain with the belief that it is possible to earn an extra £5,000 per month. When we change our beliefs, our realities quickly follow suit. When you believe that it is possible to earn an extra £5,000 per month, doors of opportunity will start to open, try this round of tapping for 30-90 days and see what happens?

To go deeper into rewiring your mindset for abundance, check out my online programme – Tapping Into Abundance.

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Do It!

In order for real and lasting change to happen in our lives, it is important to dream, but it is essential to DO. We must take action.

This round of motivational tapping will help clear the resistance that is preventing you from taking bold action. Clear excuses and procrastination in just five minutes in this round of tapping.

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Tapping Into Your Big Vision

Tapping Into Your Big Vision

Unless you know what you want, the Universe cannot give it to you.

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