An Invitation

I recently returned from a short break to Glastonbury. Most famous for its annual music festival, it is also one of the most spiritual places in the UK and is known as the Heart Chakra of the earth.

It is the home of Glastonbury Tor or the Isle of Avalon which according to legend is the burial site of King Arthur. It is also said to be where the King of the Fairies resides – spiritual pilgrims are encouraged to take their worries up to the top of the Tor and to leave them there and descend down the other side feeling lighter in spirit.

Glastonbury’s high street is like a real life Diagon Alley with shops called “The Wonky Broomstick” “Enlightenment” “The Cat and the Cauldron” “Star Child” and “Man Myth and Magik” to name but a few. If you love a bit of Woo Woo, let’s just say Glastonbury is Wooville – on steroids!

I like to go there once a year for a little retreat of my own, for a walk up the Tor, to visit the Chalice Well Gardens to meditate and contemplate. This year I went with the intention of completing my book proposal to send to potential publishers of my forthcoming book.

It was here in Glastonbury, as I was walking up the Tor, I suddenly received inspiration to hold a three day retreat here next year (more about that later)

It was a last minute decision to go to Glastonbury and my choices of accommodation were limited, especially as it was a Bank Holiday weekend. I would have been perfectly happy in a little B&B, but incredibly I ended up manifesting myself a castle, complete with its own chapel, the most beautiful extensive grounds, my own private rooftop turret (yes I did feel like a Princess!) where I had the most amazing view of the full moon and glorious sunrises and sunsets. I was truly in my element!

And the most amazing thing… I was the only guest in the castle that weekend! I felt like I had an entire castle to myself.

On the day I arrived, I was invited to take part in a Cacao ceremony and meditation by the owners of the castle. I had never attended a Cacao ceremony before – followed by a drumming circle round a fire pit – it was the perfect evening!

In a cacao ceremony, a group of people gather together in a circle to set their intentions, whilst meditating and sipping the warm cacao drink – unlike processed chocolate, the cacao is mildly stimulating and is said to open up the heart chakra and transcend the participants to a more spiritual and connected place.

It was the full moon, and as you most probably know if you have been following me for some time – the full moon is the perfect time of the month to let go. Letting go of what no longer serves you is a practice I highly recommend all my clients do.

Once a month on the Full Moon, I write a list of all the things I wish to release, these could be limiting beliefs, fears or worries. Then I burn this list, I didn’t need to sneak off on my own with a box of matches, the fire pit was all ready for me… incredible!

It’s amazing how the Universe works – here I was wanting to go and write for the weekend – but the Universe knew that I had some things I needed to do first, that was to do a deep meditation to open up my heart chakra and really let go of the things I was holding onto that were no longer serving me.

Some things are much harder to let go of than others, but I had a sense that I could only progress to the next level of my life if I did some serious letting go work! The cacao certainly worked its magic!

Once we let go, we make space for wonderful new things to come into our lives. Letting go also enables you to expand your vision and to open up the doors to a limitless future.

Life is about growing, learning and evolving. It’s about developing new skills or rediscovering hidden talents. It is about exploring the world and expanding our horizons. Life is about growing your mind and consciousness. It is about meeting new people, forming connections and discovering magic.

It is ultimately about having a bigger vision for your life. However in order to do this, we must have a greater level of self awareness of the blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding us back. Once we become aware we can truly let go.

What fears are keeping you stuck? What stories are playing in your head on a loop? Can you identify when that story first started? Most probably an incident in childhood which has gone onto become the story for your life.

Where are you feeling stuck in your life and what patterns do you find yourself repeating?

The tragedy is that for most people, this story has a predictable ending, they have already written the ending because they can’t see any other path.

Don’t let this be you!

When we can expose the truth behind the stories we tell ourselves, it really is a case of telling yourself a new story, expanding that vision for your life and rewriting your ending.

Are you ready for more?

On my weekend away, a very clear vision came to me to hold a transformational residential three-day retreat next year in Glastonbury. When I sat with this vision a little longer – I then received further inner guidance to create a 1-2-1 year long mentorship programme.

On this programme, you will be working with me closely to get crystal clarity on your vision for the future, plus a deep dive into identifying the old stories, belief systems and blocks that have been holding you back. Not only will I be working with you on clearing these blocks, I will also hold you accountable in moving towards your Big Vision.

We will also take a walk up Glastonbury Tor, meditate in the Chalice Well Gardens and visit world famous healing red and white springs. Glastonbury is situated on powerful ley lines and I know that powerful transformations will occur here.

Dates are TBC but will be in May 2020

If you would like to find out more about how to work with me exclusively 121 over the next 12 months and spend three days with me on an exclusive transformational retreat in magical Glastonbury, please reply to this email with the subject title “Glastonbury” and tell me the following:

What is the biggest challenge or obstacle you are facing right now?
Why is this the time for you to make changes?
What transformation do you want to happen in the next 12 months?

Send your responses to and one of my team members will be in touch with you.

I can’t wait to hear your reply

Love and blessings

Melanie XO

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