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If you’re looking for a sign, this could be it!

Are you are treating your business like a hobby, but you dream of growing it in a bigger way?

ENROLL in Business By Design TODAY and receive EXCLUSIVE bonuses worth nearly $3000 from Melanie Moore completely FREE

Are you are treating your business like a hobby, but you dream of growing it in a bigger way?

ENROLL in Business By Design Today and Receive EXCLUSIVE Melanie Moore Bonuses

Do you feel that your kitchen table business could actually become a global empire?

Do you have dreams of scaling your business online, reaching more people and creating greater impact?

I wonder if this sounds familiar to you?

Well guess what? Just a few years ago this was ME! I started my own ‘hobby business’. I trained as a holistic therapist and I started my home- based therapy practice.

I continued this way for several years, until external circumstances forced me to rethink my business.

In 2016, my marriage ended and I was facing life as a single parent and my dad was diagnosed with dementia. I needed more income and a business model that would support my life changes.

I also wanted to go BIG in my business, I wanted to go global and I wanted to have a greater impact, BUT I also wanted the time and freedom in my life for the people who needed me.

So I prayed for a solution – and the solution came to me in the form of James Wedmore and Business By Design. Since 2016, my business is now almost 100% online with more than 50% of my clients being overseas, I am a regular guest on podcasts, I speak at events internationally and am considered to be an expert in my field.

In the past six years, James, has been a key part of my success – from having a “hobby business’ and earning pin money to having a thriving business and five-figure months.

I was NOT technical, I had NO IDEA how to run an online business, I had ZERO marketing skills.
BUT I had the desire to learn, implement and to take ACTION.

NOW James and I TOGETHER will help you FAST TRACK your results with Business By Design PLUS coaching with ME. I am also including some EXCLUSIVE bonuses worth over $3000 to make this an unmissable offer.

Business By Design is NOT just another business course, it is a TRANSFORMATIONAL process that will not only help you not only SCALE and GROW your business, but will also give you the MINDSET strategies that will catapult your business to the next level.

I am so excited to be collaborating with my friend and mentor James Wedmore on the launch of his flagship programme Business By Design.

Want to hear our stories? How James grew to a multiple seven figure business and how I grew to five figure months – watch our conversation below.

If you have A VISION of one day having, or already have online courses, membership sites, or group coaching, Business By Design is FOR YOU!

What is

Business By Design?

Business By Design is James Wedmore’s flagship program that transforms Entrepreneurs and online marketers into the DIGITAL CEO of their business.

It is a one of a kind program that gives you the structure, systems and processes for running a business that gives you more FREEDOM and FUN!

If you have A VISION of one day having, or already have online courses, membership sites, or group coaching, Business By Design is FOR YOU!

This offer expires Midnight Pacific time June 16th 2022 (8am UK time Friday June 17th)








Business By Design Is Unique

What makes Business By Design unique is the way in which the content is delivered to its Members.

Business By Design focuses on getting Members into action first. It does this by handing over the exact systems, processes, and launch maps that James uses with his team in his own business.

If you are a total newbie (by the way the word newbie is banned inside Business By Design), looking to get started, these process maps give you a clear step-by-step roadmap for creating your program and launching it successfully to the marketplace.

If you are a seasoned marketer, these launch processes are something that you could download and hand off to your team for more effective, effortless launches.

James doesn’t just show people how to create a course, but also how to launch several different ways whether it’s using a Webinar, Challenge, Video Series, or Email Promotions.

Melanie Moore’s


Bonus #1 – Four Live Coaching & Support Calls + Private Facebook Group

Live coaching sessions via zoom with hot seats

Value $997

I am so excited to personally support you as join Business By Design. I understand that Business By Design is a big investment – I have seen the programme evolve over the past five years, and watched the success stories of James’s students at first hand. I have been a member of James’s Next Level mastermind coaching group and I have attended five BBD Live events, been a guest on James’s podcast and spoken on stage at his events.

I want to help you navigate the huge wealth of information that is in Business By Design and not get overwhelmed.

These group sessions via zoom are for you to ask me anything in relation to launching your product and to help keep you accountable in completing the programme.

You will also be invited to join the private Facebook Group BBD Action Takers.


Week 1

Let’s get started – not sure what to focus on first? Let’s put a plan in place for the first 90 days

Week 2

Lets get technical – How I overcame my tech phobia, and what tech do you need to grow your business. What your tech options are and how to navigate the technical minefield.

Week 3

Letting go of your fear of visibility, judgement and criticism from others. What fears are keeping you stuck? – There are many fears and limiting beliefs that keep entrepreneurs stuck – on this call we will uncover the most common beliefs, recognise them and let them go. This week we will let go of your fears so you can be fearless in ‘putting yourself out there’ and share your products and services with the world

Week 4

Having a bigger vision for your business – in this session I will be looking at HOW you can take your current business to new heights and to dream even bigger. Whether you want to be known as the leader in your industry, create a movement or leave a lasting legacy – this call will help give you the clarity on your next steps.

Each session will have a Q&A so that I can answer all your questions, remember no question is too small or silly and each will be recorded too. Everyone who has invested into Business By Design via my link will get a hot-seat opportunity with me where you can ask me anything!

Bonus #3 – Facebook Ad or Launch Strategy Session with Inga Deksne

Value $497

In this exclusive bonus you will get a one hour strategy session with MY OWN Facebook ads manager and launch strategist Inga Deksne. 

As an Alumni of BBD herself, Inga will help you identify which of the BBD Launch strategies are best suited to your business and in this session she will help you craft your launch plan including what aspects of your social media activities you should be focusing on.

Bonus #4 – Helene Thituson – Masterclass: How to Start a Profitable Blogging Business

Value $497

…even if you’re brand new or have tried and failed before.

Learn how to make real passive income In the 2020s (and why most blogging advice Is wrong). In this masterclass with Helene, you’ll learn how to use the strategy she used as an entrepreneur and turned her blogs into a business!

Bonus #5 – Michelle Adams – Creating A Beautiful Branding Headshot Workshop

Value $497

In this exclusive workshop with California based Branding Photographer, Michelle Adams will teach you how you can easily create your own branding images with just your smart phone WITHOUT having to hire a photographer.

Michelle will help you with lighting, equipment, location AND MINDSET hacks to help you show up confidently as your most authentic radiant self.

Bonus #2 – Tapping Into Abundance + WhatsApp Accountability for James’ Mind Your Money Programme (Starting September) 

Value $497

To support James’ incredible Mind Your Money Bonus Programme – I am delighted to offer my programme Tapping Into Abundance, which is an eight module money mindset programme to rewire your mind for an abundant mindset PLUS I will support you with 30 days of accountability in a private WhatsApp group in September. 

Testimonials – Business By Design Alumni and students of Melanie Moore

Luisa Convers Testimonial working with Melanie Moore and Business By Design – Luisa Convers Yoga 


Aarti Parmar Testimonial working with Melanie Moore and Business By Design – AP Brand Communications

Nancy Halligan

I joined Business By Design in 2017. Business By Design gives you everything you need for your business and then some. At the Live event that year, I met Melanie and began following her on social media. I’ve been a student of both her Global Vision Board Day and Tapping Into Abundance and have been able to make significant changes in my life and in my thinking. I would not be where I am now without having had her guidance. She is the very definition of supportive. Going through Business By Design and Tapping Into Abundance has opened my eyes and cleared away a lot of the limiting beliefs that I had. I am now able to focus on the things that will take my business to the next level and help me reach my goals.

I’ve been a member of James’ Wedmore Business by Design program for almost 2 years now. Through the knowledge I learned, I created a better system for my Mentorships and Mastermind. The coaching calls, the team support, the network and friendships created are priceless. James is a true investor in people and processes.

I attended (2) LIVE events last year, which is where I met the Beautiful Melanie Moore. Her heart and love for her students just shines through. I am learning more and more each day about the power of manifesting, the importance of vision planning, and a community of accountability. The combination of James and Melanie will no doubt create incredible impact in all that you do! I highly recommend Business by Design and any programs that Melanie Moore creates. Don’t hesitate…truly, this will be your best decision of the year!

I can’t believe I’m now a BBD alumni! The past year has gone by so quickly, but I’ve made so many strides in my business as a result of it in terms of adopting the mindset and attitude of a Digital CEO. BBD is so amazing as literally everything is there for you in terms of templates and swipe sheets plus, of course, James’ coaching is second to none! James has such a wealth of knowledge, experience and interest in other areas of personal and professional development that also enhance his coaching and expands our thinking and beliefs.

However, the real secret sauce for me has been signing up with Melanie! I became a BBD member purely because of Melanie Moore and witnessing her growth as part of the BBD Membership. Melanie uses her expertise, her gifts and her talents to give that little bit more to her community. Through her connection with James, we had extra bonus sessions, exclusively for us, with James and… WOW!! The intimacy of this community gave us the chance to be personally coached and supported by James during the bonus session. Also, there was the added bonus of being supported by Melanie personally within her BBD Support and Accountability Group. The value of this group was exceptional! Sometimes when we join a large membership we can feel overwhelmed, we can sometimes feel feel a little bit lost, but none of that happened with Melanie because she was there to answer and to provide support and to make sure we were properly nurtured throughout the process.

So, it’s a win win in my book being part of BBD but also being a part of Melanie’s community too!

Gayle Edwards Global Impact & Personal Brand Strategist


…NOT FORGETTING, the incredible BUSINESS BY DESIGN PROGRAM AND James’s amazing bonuses

+ In this incredible bonus, James shares his beliefs, habits and daily exercises to help you transform your money mindset from the inside out and turn you into a money magnet!

+ 8 Weeks Of Live Group Coaching With James

Go from overwhelmed, confused, & unclear to focused, unstuck & unstoppable with James during these breakthrough group sessions. If you’re not sure how to implement BBD, or if you’re moving in the right direction, or how a particular solution applies to your business idea, we’ve got you covered.

+ Nail Your First 90 Days – Focus is everything! Not sure what to focus on first? James has you covered! Whether it’s nailing your niche, building an audience, hiring someone or putting better systems in place – there is training to get you started.

+ Momentum & Community

You’ll get the exact same resources & guides I’ve used myself to grow my business to five figure months (this includes landing pages, sales pages, sales videos, checkout pages, email sequences, webinar templates, and more!)

+ Ready to Launch? Whether you want to do a webinar launch, video series launch, membership launch, a challenge launch or even get 1:1 coaching clients – James has the step by step process outline for you.


But wait..there is SO.MUCH.MORE

+ Course in a weekend program

Just follow the steps we layout, and you’ll have your course ready to launch in just days. Not weeks or months.

You won’t believe how quick and easy it really is to create a beautiful, professional program that delivers itself once you know these secrets.

+ 30-Day List Generator Program

Struggling with little to no email list? NO PROBLEM! I’ll walk you through the exact steps to take to start growing your email list RIGHT NOW!

+ Grow & Scale Your Team With The “Team By Design” Training

Find out how you can work less, and instead focus on the things that will grow your business with a team. James will show you how to get the support you need to grow your business no matter what your budget, so you can focus on the things you were meant to do

+ Learn How To Craft the Perfect Offer

Learn the steps and methods to help you craft an irresistible offer.

Learn How To Effectively SELL Your Product

Discover the pieces involved to create a sales system that effectively sells your product while creating demand and desire without being pushy or using outdated sales techniques.

Enroll Business By Design AND Get

Melanie Moore’s EXCLUSIVE Bonuses to ENHANCE your Business By Design Experience








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