Not only is it possible to clear limiting beliefs with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/ Tapping), it is also possible to create positive new beliefs with tapping.

Many of us have it hardwired into our brains that “money doesn’t grow on trees” “you have to work hard for money” – this, therefore, becomes our reality.

What if we can clear this belief and instead replace this with “money is easy to make”?

What if in just a few weeks “money is easy to make” becomes your new reality?

What if it took only 10 minutes a day?

It takes between 67-90 days for a new belief to be hardwired into the brain.

Tapping is an easy and effective way to disrupt a thought pattern, it also stimulates your acupressure points and can actually rewire your neural pathways with repetition.

I was recently asked to tap on this very subject at an event – Money is easy to make.

In this session I take you through three stages:

Addressing the belief that it is difficult to make money, money doesn’t grow on trees etc

Clearing this old belief away

Hardwiring in the new belief; It is easy to make money

Just as you would expect to gain lasting results from going to the gym once, the same can be said for tapping.

In order to hardwire the belief “it is easy to make money” I encourage you to do this tapping exercise every day for between 67-90 days.

About Melanie

Melanie Moore is a coach and EFT practitioner helping her clients to Tap Into their Big Vision. She helps you set crazy goals and then guides you on the path to achieving them, through the art of visualisation combined with the power of tapping.

She is recognized as an authority on Vision Boards, holding workshops for both individuals and corporate companies. She is the creator of the online programes, Tapping Into Abundance and Create The Dream. Melanie is currently writing her first book Tapping into Your Big Vision.

Melanie helps you clear the blocks that are standing in the way from you are now to where you want to be.

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Tapping Into Your Big Vision

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