Manifesting Your Dream Vacation
(In 12 months or less)


Thursday 4th April 2019

12PM UK local time, 7AM Eastern, 10PM Sydney

Do you have a fantasy travel experience that, year after year, stubbornly remains a wistful dream?

Maybe it is visiting the exotic markets and palm-fringed beaches of Thailand, taking your children for the ultimate Disney adventure in Florida or experiencing sensory overload in Las Vegas.

Perhaps it is just time alone in the country to rest and recharge, or attending that inspirational conference or seminar that passes you by year after year?

Which destinations are on your bucket list?

Tropical islands like Hawaii, The Maldives or the South Pacific Islands?

Sacred spiritual sites like Glastonbury, The Holy Land or an Indian Ashram?

Bustling cities like New York, Tokyo or Madrid?

Venturing off the beaten track in Africa, Tuscany or the Mojave Desert?

Personally, I find travel fills me up in a way that little else does. From the buzz of an international airport terminal, regularly manifesting first class upgrades, the thrill of meeting new people and even the fun of mastering the local currency and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Travel inspires me. It gets my creativity flowing and my manifesting mojo goes into overdrive.

I want to help you manifest the travel experiences of your dreams and get you out there exploring our beautiful planet.

The world is your oyster.

I have manifested travel to the most amazing places in the world. In this Manifesting Masterclass, I am going to teach you how to use my five-step formula to manifest your next dream trip.
In this masterclass you will learn:

Why money is not where your focus should be when manifesting your dream vacation and why your money beliefs are actually blocking your dream becoming a reality

How to use your five senses to bring your trip even closer

What my daughter did to manifest her Dream Disney trip in less than a year – and how you can teach your children the same techniques

Why 68 seconds daily is all you need to activate the vibration to begin the process of manifestation

The one magic tip you must understand so that you can manifest not just your dream vacation, but ANYTHING you desire.

And, if travel isn’t really your thing, you can still use this formula to manifest pretty much anything else you want in your life once you are clear on exactly what that is.

As a special bonus exercise, I will lead you through a powerful guided meditation which will bring make your dream vacation a reality sooner rather than later.

Manifesting Your Dream Vacation

About Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore is a mindset coach who helps her clients to Tap Into their Big Vision.

She helps impact driven visionaries transcend their limiting beliefs, so that they can gain the clarity they need to fully commit to their vision and impact their world.

She is recognized as an authority on Vision Boards, holding workshops for both individuals and corporate companies.

Melanie super power is her ability to help you to not only get clear on your vision, but to also clear the blocks that are standing in the way from you are now to where you want to be.

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